Per un benessere totale…


Perchè il nome Lemuria?

Lemuria is the name of the mythological civilization that is said to have existed before Atlantis. The inhabitants of Lemuria were aware that everything that exists is an expression of perfect creation. They considered themselves the legitimate heirs of the Creator. They cared for themselves with herbs, living in harmony with nature, of which they felt not as rulers but as careful and respectful guardians. This is the origin of the "philosophy" of the company Lemuria® which intends to work for the psychophysical well-being of the individual who relies on its products.


Treating the plant like a synthetic medicine doesn't do it justice. the plant is life, it is the child of thousands of years of Nature's work.

Product formulation Lemuria® is acquired by combining ancient traditions and experience with the use of modern and innovative systems. Extremely sophisticated analytical techniques and the use of biodynamic excipients give Lemuria´s products that synergy of physiodynamic functionality that is useful for maintaining human health.


Convinced of the importance of obtaining the totum of the functional principles of the plant, for the realization of many products is applied an innovative procedure of extraction that allows you to obtain the most of the functional principles useful (Total Extraction E.T. with "drug exhaustion") identifiable by sophisticated analytical procedures.


For the preparation of the products the Lemuria® makes use of the collaboration of highly qualified laboratories that carry out the production, filling and packaging processes with extreme professionalism in strictly controlled hygiene departments.


The functional principles used are chosen from rigorously selected and controlled plants, harvested at the height of their balsamic period. Rigorous analyses certify the integrity and quality of the plants and raw materials used.

Our values

Respect for nature

must necessarily be the fundamental value for those who, like us, aim to make the active ingredients of plants available.


is manifested through a careful research of the plants used, their origin and methods of cultivation.


all our products are regularly notified to the Ministry of Health and included in the National Register of Supplements


the plants are chosen and used according to the principles developed by the herbalist tradition spread over the centuries

Mining procedures

Specially designed to extract from each plant most of the useful functional principles.


we are not in the habit of following "the fashions of the moment" by formulating products containing specific plants, unless we are absolutely convinced.


the validity of our products is essentially manifested in the extraordinary duration of their life cycle and their timeliness

La storia

LEMURIA ® was born in 1990 from an extraordinary intuition of its founder, Sandro Calidi, who had the idea of formulating and producing "herbal" extracts, highly concentrated, without alcohol. It was an innovative idea, given that on the Italian market there were mainly hydro-alcoholic phytoextracts 1:4 and mother tinctures 1:10. Thus were born the E.T., total extracts 1:1, without alcohol, which still represent the most characterizing and identifying element of LEMURIA ®.

In the following years we have progressively integrated the existing lines, updated the formulation of some products and introduced new products to the market, always with very special formulations, the result of national and international research.
Today our list presents more than a hundred products, very appreciated by our customers.